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New Books release & book events in April – May 2012

Dear friends, we’ve got 4 new books to share!

– 舞者不憂——曹誠淵與香港舞蹈前行 by Willy Tsao

– En ces jour instables 在不安定的日子by Leung Ping-kwan

– Fifty Stories Fifty Images by Madeleine Marie Slavick

– This Room is Not Still – selected works, 2000-2012 空氣在動 by Ivy Ma.

Join our next event:

En ces jours instables Poetry Readings – Meet the Hong Kong Poet Leung Ping-kwan《在不安定的日子》誦詩夜/ 是春天的傍晚 櫻花像雪花 點點飄來 —— 香港詩人梁秉鈞詩聚

Tuesday, 24/4, 18.30-20.00


2/F Duke of Wellington House, 14-24 Wellington Street, Central

中環威靈頓街 14 號 威靈頓公爵大廈 2 樓

See you there!


bookshop opening party+john fung’s exhibition
March 2, 2009, 3:35 pm
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thanks for coming to our opening party on 26th Feb! Many thanks to all of you who helped us for the set-up and visited us on that day. That was a wonderful opening!
If you have missed the exhibition opening, don’t worry! John Fung photo exhibition is on till 31st March


thebookshop 選書:AOPP new release books

Title :Hong Kong/China Photographers Two – Anothermountainman
Editor :John Batten
Publisher :AOPP

Anothermountainman (aka Stanley Wong Ping-pui) expresses his distinctive view of the city through a camera lens. His works are uniquely local, exuding a passion for Hong Kong as well as his unwillingness to compromise in his exploration of the real – not idealised – ‘Pearl of the Orient’. His down-to-earth approach and love for social phenomena allow him to expose the true heart of Hong Kong, and to touch those who want an unflinching account of the city. Anothermountainman’s photographs are of iconic people – including the late calligraphy-graffiti artist Tsang Tsou-choi – and iconic places, including the Cenotaph, Oil Street (an area occupied by artists in the 1990s), and even decrepit lanweilou (unfinished and abandoned buildings) in China. With them, Anothermountainman offers an alternative version of beauty – the touching beauty of presence and absence.

Title :Hong Kong/China Photographers One – So Hing-keung
Editor :Oscar Ho
Publisher :AOPP

The first volume of the extensive Hong Kong Photographers series, this book portrays So Hing-keung’s fascinating career as Hong Kong’s ‘photographer-explorer’. So’s major photographic series of the past two decades – Reflections on China, Still Night, This Mortal Coil: Alienated Urban Landscape, South China Portraits and Transformation of Matter – are presented in detail, giving the reader a deep insight to a photographer of unique sensitivity. From his explorations of pre-1997 British colonial rule to the post-1997 Special Administrative Region, from his physical surroundings to his inner psyche, from colour to monochrome, So leads viewers on a visual and spiritual journey. His search for images is also the metaphoric search for a deeper meaning, for identity and existence, experienced by every soul.

Title :Oasis-Artists’ Studios in Hong Kong, Vol.2
Editor :Victor Lai Ming-hoi
Publisher :AOPP

The sequel to the influential Oasis – Artists’ Studios in Hong Kong, this second volume introduces another intriguing line up of artists ‘at home’ in their studios. The spaces, works and psyches of renowned artists Wucius Wong, Yank Wong and Danny Lee Chin-fai, among others, are lavishly featured along with cultural commentary from internationally recognised figures such as graphic designer Kan Tai-keung, painter Wan Qingli and calligrapher Yip Man-yam. The latest edition of Oasis also has the honour of being edited by esteemed artist-academic Victor Lai, whose immense experience and social network have allowed this volume to match and transcend its predecessor. As with the original Oasis, the volume is beautifully illustrated and includes detailed descriptions of each artist’s professional life, lists of their exhibitions, awards and activities, and well as a unique studio location map. A must-have for art lovers everywhere.

related book : Oasis 1

Title :European Soliloquy 琉璃記憶
Text&photography :Sara Tin
Publisher :AOPP

European Soliloquy – A Memory in Glass is a moving narrative of photographer Sara Tin’s journey through 13 European cities. In a two-year period, Tin’s travels took her to all corners of the Continent, capturing the historic grandeur, people and spirit of Budapest, Granada, Rotterdam, Vienna, Heidelberg and Venice, among other cities. Each, says Tin, is ‘as unique as a fingerprint’. The vividly colourful illustrations invite readers to follow her footsteps, while the emotion of her prose completes the picture, drawing one in to share her intercultural experiences on a personal level. This book is not merely an album of scenic European cityscapes; it is a reflective work of art that flows from the mind of a traveller.

Title :Lady Luminance
Text&photography : Quistography
Publisher :AOPP

“Any girl who has confidence and flair has potential to be a good model”.
This is the belief that drove Quist Tsang to create her first photo album. Tsang has the knack of discovering the uniqueness of models from a feminine perspective, and she tries to enhance their inner beauty. All the models in this photo album are Tsang’s friends, and though they are not professional models, their confidence gives their work a winning charm. Lady Luminance shows the unique character of these women and records their fantasies and dreams.

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